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An eclectic collection of photos celebrating the color, sound, and pageantry of marching band. Please feel free to ask questions or submit your own pictures! Blog run by C. Brandt, author of the Line series.

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It’s my thing every year…but if you’re looking for a unique marching band related graduation gift for your favorite senior, why not one of my books?  Or money, everyone loves money.  A Fine Line, The Line Up and Major Pain all center around a senior season.  Just saying.

All the best to Class of 2014!


And wouldn’t my books look great wrapped in one of these?

I completely forgot that I made this book trailer last year.  Anyway, here’s a quick minute and 15 seconds for the complete Line series.

Hey gang - bit of a favor to ask!  Tomorrow (March 17th) is my birthday.  You know what would make my year week day?  Book sales!  If you have a few extra bucks hanging around on a gift card or in your bank account, I’d love it if you considered buying any (or all) of my six YA marching novels.  Waking up on my b-day to have a higher rank would be like woah.

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If money is an issue, you can still help - positive reviews on any of the above or Goodreads/Shelfari also = awesome.  Even reblogging this would be helpful!

~Courtney Brandt (the person behind Marching Arts Photos)

Want something for your sweetheart?  Send them my book(s)!
Shameless obvious self promotion is both shameless and obvious.

Want something for your sweetheart?  Send them my book(s)!

Shameless obvious self promotion is both shameless and obvious.


Why am I always readibg Courtney’s books in the dead of a sunday night?
I’ll probably finish it too because I’m literally not tired at all.
So I’ll reread it.
Although I completely skipped the first one because I yelled at Lucy so much.

Ack!  Sorry I didn’t you tagged me until now.  :)

PS If you didn’t get The Line Up, hold on until Christmas.  Y’know, just in case I make it free to download.


Allow me this one post for shameless self promotion, okay followers?  The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is usually my best sales period.  And since I equate my book sales with self esteem, it’s my favorite time of year. 

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend and haven’t been able to find anything for them just yet, I’d like to suggest my books on Amazon, Nook, or iPad.  And yes, if you prefer a paperback, there are physical copies of every book but the last novel (they are just a bit more expensive).

Additionally, if money’s tight, you can:

1.  Add the books on your ‘wish list’ - you know, so you can get around to ordering them one day.

2.  Read the books already?  I love you.  As a completely free gift to me, why not leave a nice review?

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4.  Just reblog this post and help me get the word out there.


I wonder what would look great wrapped in this…

Thanks to you - Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek had its best sales month ever!  Hoping December will beat November.

As we go into the holiday season, my gift to you is The Line Up (free to download today, November 25th).  I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy the novel. 

The Line Up is the 4th and final book in the Line series. The making of a drumline captain is a complicated one - especially for Bronwyn Flueger. Follow her senior season with complications from section mates, instructors, and rivals…plus the pressure of preparing for a major national percussion competition.

So, the holidays are taking over and whether or not you want to buy into the craziness that encompasses the country, and let’s face it, it’s fun to give things to people you care about.  Here is a list of suggestions for the band geek in your life.

1.  DCI, anything.  In fact, how about the DCI World Championships 2012 DVD?

2.  On the same topic, why not get your friends souvies from their favorites corps?  That way, it’s like two gifts in one – supporting a corps and making your friend happy.

3.  Have a friend who likes to read?  There is a lot of great stuff out there, including…my books!  You can get The Line series for Kindle, Nook, and iPad (electronic books between $0.99 - $2.99 and print books are around $13).  There’s also my newest books, Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek and Major Pain.  Obvious self promotion is obvious.

4.  Even MOAR books!  Not for the Faint of Heart (by Spike Van Wert), Building the Green Machine (Colt Foutz), and for some humor, Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player, The Marching Band Nerds Handbook (both by DJ Corchin).

5.  Have a friend auditioning for a corps?  Instead of a lame gift certificate, why not give them money specifically dedicated to their tour or audition fund?

6.  Don’t have a lot of money?  Who does?  How about getting the address of one of your virtual friends and sending them a card?  In the mail.  Burn them a CD.  Use stickers.  Make someone’s day for the cost of a stamp…  This author may or may not be especially homesick and would love to see some mail.

7.  Anything from the Tone Deaf store.

8.  A subscription to Halftime Magazine.

9.  You could always buy music themed jewelry – Etsy’s got some cool stuff. 

10.  I have no idea what to get your crush, so don’t ask me.

So, what am I missing?  What would you like to receive this holiday season?

 And of course, if you see anything on this list, you could always…


(Hey Kelly - I know it’s not 100% yet, but I really wanted to share!)

As many of you are winding down your marching seasons, I wanted to announce the digital publication of my last marching novel, Major Pain.  I invite you to check it (and all of my books) out!

Courtney Brandt author page.

Main photograph by Kira Horvath.  Graphic design by Kelly Phillips.

Happy Columbus Day!

Enjoy - download here.  Please reblog and get the word out.

Happy Columbus Day!  From 12AM PST on October 8th, Keeping in Line will be available for free download on Amazon.  Get it now - I won’t cycle back to it for free for at least a year!

And remember, you don’t actually need a Kindle to download the book.  Kindle software is free for smartphones and your laptop!

This dog is my spirit animal.

Also, I’m smiling like this puppy because while I’m in the States, I’ll be meeting with the producer who was interested in my work earlier this year.  She’s bringing in a writer (who’s read my manuscript) and mentions, “It would be lovely if we can figure out a way to develop this book into a TV project. The writer is wonderful and you’ll really enjoy her creative spirit.”

Hey gang, as of tomorrow morning way too early I am off to the States for a little over a week.  If and when I have free internet access and time, I’ll try and post.

As always, if you’re bored, there’s books to read, a screenplay to check out and a book trailer or two.

Hope your seasons and shows are making progress…