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I have a super important favor to ask of you and all of the lovely music majors/marching band/anyone who cares. 

My name is Emily and I live in South Carolina. I moved here in 2003, just at the beginning of my 8th grade year. Before then, I had been playing clarinet for four years. The band program there was alright and I was a decent player. But I moved here and continued with band because I’d developed an attachment to it. 

When I finally got in to class, I realized I was way out of place. They were not only playing harder music, but learning theory as well. Something I had never done. To say it was challenging is an understatement. But I kept on trying because it was fun and interesting to learn a whole different side to something that I’d fallen in love with. 

At the end of my 8th grade year, the high school band director came to our class where we had signed up to audition for a spot in the marching band. It’s safe to say that I made the right decision in continuing my love for music. 

I completed 4 years at two different schools, all while being a part of marching band, jazz band, symphonic band, winter guard, theater and winter percussion. The experiences, the memories and all of the people I’ve met through those 4 years is something that I would never ever for all the money in the world take back. I would not be the person I am today with out any of that.

Being in band is like having a giant extended family that you spend way too much time with and get to know people more than you would have cared to in the first place. Even though you may not all get along, they will still stand by your side regardless. Being a part of something bigger, creating sounds with your lungs, telling a story through your movements, that is something special. It is a feeling that is indescribable. And anyone that has ever been a part of band knows exactly what it feels like and exactly what I’m talking about. It is a rare and unique experience to be apart of something so big. 

That’s why I’m coming to you.

Our South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is attempting to veto the funding for South Carolina’s arts program.

With that being said, it shakes me to the very core that someone is ready to let something so amazing, something so life changing, wither away into nothing. Marching band is a big thing in South Carolina. The dedication, hard work and talent that is put into it is undeniably astounding here and I am overflown with pride to say that I’ve been a part of something so great. 

This is where you come in.

If you do nothing else with your time on tumblr, if you’ve dedicated yourself to band, chorus, guard, percussion, strings, theater, art or just enjoy it in general, PLEASE take five seconds to sign this petition to get Haley to stop from cutting our funds. It honestly takes nothing more than a click of a button to help us out. 

Please let South Carolina continue to be all that it can and has been. The arts are important. Without them the world would be dull and boring. Let us create music, cultivate the enormous talent and especially, give the kids a chance to be a part of something that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Something that they can be proud of. 

Help us out. Click on this link and stand up for something worth fighting for. With pride!

Reblog and sign the petition.

Waiting by markdvk on Flickr.