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An eclectic collection of photos celebrating the color, sound, and pageantry of marching band. Please feel free to ask questions or submit your own pictures! Blog run by C. Brandt, author of the Line series.

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In an effort to help out a few deserving high school marching band programs, Zildjian has teamed up with Calderwood Percussion, Remo, Vic Firth, Steve Weiss Music, Lone Star Percussion, Music & Arts Centers and Woodwind & Brasswind to launch the “My Pit’s the Pits!” video contest. Music programs across the United States are being given a chance to win over $25,000 in amazing prizes from the top names in percussion equipment. Videos will be submitted for judging, but students can also share and promote their videos via social media to be considered for a “Viewer’s Choice” award. Submissions will be accepted from September 8th through October 31st.

Students in high school band programs and percussion ensembles from across the country are being asked to rally their percussion pals to create a brief, entertaining video detailing who they are, why they need new percussion equipment, and what they’re going to do with it, should they win. In each video, entrants are challenged to demonstrate a need for new equipment, introduce their beloved director and band program, and give a brief performance to show off their skills. Production quality is of no major concern, but creativity of presentation will factor heavily into the judging criteria.

This contest is an extension of the participating Companies’ commitment to music education, and they are very excited to provide much-needed gear to programs in need. Prizes include new cymbals from Zildjian, custom made drums from Calderwood Percussion, mallets and drumsticks from Vic Firth, marching heads from Remo and gift certificates from Lone Star Percussion, Music & Arts Centers, Steve Weiss Music and Woodwind & Brasswind.

Oregon Crusaders, 2014.


Spirit of Atlanta at Centerville, OH

(via rudibass)

Bluecoats, 2014.

Blue Stars, 2013.

Carolina Crown, 2014.

Photo by pchagnon images.

Phantom Regiment, 2014.

Photo by pchagnon images.

Maybe you’ll be in the car for awhile, maybe you just have extra time and don’t want to be bothered worrying about homework just yet.  Either way, here’s a few marching related books to try:

1.  Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek by Courtney Brandt (pimping ain’t easy)

2.  The newly released, Marching Band and the Expanding Universe by Markus Almond.

3.  The Marching Band Nerds Handbook by DJ Corchin

4.  Soul of the Band: Making the Cut (Book 1) by K.L. Brady

5.  How to Seduce a Band Geek by Cassie Mae

6.  Tale of a Drum Line - The Santa Clara Vanguard by Lee Rudnicki

7.  Learning to Breathe (Spinsation Book 1) by J.M. Hope

Am I missing any?

Crossmen, 2014.

Drumline 2 Tease

Guys, are we okay with this?  But seriously, why won’t someone adapt one of my books already?!?!  I’ve already written a screenplay and everything!