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An eclectic collection of photos celebrating the color, sound, and pageantry of marching band. Please feel free to ask questions or submit your own pictures! Blog run by C. Brandt, author of the Line series.

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Take a drink every time this happens in a DCI show. You’ll probably be blacked out before the Crossmen come on…

Not original - borrowed from a friend - lycanthropeful

Also, I do not condone underage drinking - this is just for fun.

     •    A corps forms their signature “shape” on the field (Carolina’s crown, Madison’s fleur-de-lis, Spirit’s delta, Crossmen’s templar cross, Phantom’s chevron, etc.)

    •    SCV’s cymbal line forms the V

    •    Somebody in the front ensemble is shown getting way too into it

    •    The main character Phantom Regiment’s show climbs the podium and commits suicide at the finale

    •    **Two shots if the crowd is on their feet within seconds of this happening

    •    Glassmen play Beethoven

    •    Sideline reporter calls contras or basses “tubas”

    •    Noticeably phallic drill set (I’m looking at you, giant ejaculating penis from Carolina Crown’s 2006 show)

    •    During snare line feature, every drummer either crab steps forward and then back, or kicks one of their legs back behind them

    •    Drumline has a solo standing on a raised platform

    •    Someone in SCV looks lost and is running around the field

    •    Colorguard uses chairs, stepstools, or wooden furniture

    •    **Two shots if they lift them above their head at any point in the show

    •    The ballad makes you cry

    •    Troopers play Copland

    •    Drum major removes shako or hat in a considerably badass manner/throws it on the podium

    •    Phantom’s mello line holds a note for longer than 12 seconds 

    •    **Two shots if they repeat this two-second motif that they used in both 2003’s Harmonic Journey and 2006’s Faust (what’s sad is that I remembered this when I saw Faust live and was like OMG THOSE TWO NOTES)

    •    Madison Scouts’ colorguard is wearing suits

    •    Someone drops a flag/rifle/or sword

    •    Mellophones play a feature while hanging from/standing on a geometric tower or ladder (Cavaliers 2005, Madison Scouts 2010, Carolina Crown 2011, etc.)

    •    When you hear the quote of “Conquest” in the Boston Crusaders’ show (if you don’t hear it every year, you haven’t been listening. It happens EVERY year)

    •    Blue Devils play jazz

    •    Corps enters or exits the field from the far top left or top right corner

    •    Soloist is covered in shear fabric/otherwise hidden somehow

    •    Drill is centered around a single, large prop (Boston Crusaders’ 2010: the throne, Cadets 2005: the door, etc.)

    •    Field judge gets run over by the battery

    •    Cavaliers do push ups, play upside down, or act like robots. Any of these three.

    •    A soprano squeaks a note during a solo

    •    Brassline does that move with their knees: bend one knee in, then out, while crouching. Do it with the other knee. As seen here

    •    Brassline is kneeling/laying down while playing

    •    Mirrors, anywhere.

    •    Colorguard tells a love story

    •    Company front!

    •    SCV plays Bartok, Barber, or Shostakovich

    •    Corps director says “We’re thinking outside the box.”

    •    Steve Rondinaro or Don DeLucia make a creepy/perverted comment to female on-field reporter

    •    Female corps member is interviewed and her gender is made into an issue (Steph Vaskalakis, or whatever her name was, the female snare drummer from the Blue Devils interviewed last night at QFs)

    •    Four words: “Nessun Dorma” and “Pagliacci”