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An eclectic collection of photos celebrating the color, sound, and pageantry of marching band. Please feel free to ask questions or submit your own pictures! Blog run by C. Brandt, author of the Line series.

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Hey gang - bit of a favor to ask!  Tomorrow (March 17th) is my birthday.  You know what would make my year week day?  Book sales!  If you have a few extra bucks hanging around on a gift card or in your bank account, I’d love it if you considered buying any (or all) of my six YA marching novels.  Waking up on my b-day to have a higher rank would be like woah.

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~Courtney Brandt (the person behind Marching Arts Photos)

Want something for your sweetheart?  Send them my book(s)!
Shameless obvious self promotion is both shameless and obvious.

Want something for your sweetheart?  Send them my book(s)!

Shameless obvious self promotion is both shameless and obvious.

Hey - I adapted my last book for print.  Just in case you wanted a copy…

So, my books make good gifts.  Just saying.

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Yes, I’m posting before Thanksgiving.  #dealwithit


The holidays are about to take over and whether or not you want to buy into the craziness, let’s face it, it’s fun to give things to people you care about.  Here is a list of suggestions for the band geek in your life:

1.  DCI, anything.  In fact, how about the DCI 2013 World Championships DVD? Holy balls, how did I know how expensive this was?  Maybe instead of the DVD, how about an IOU for tickets to some 2014 event?

2.  On the same topic, why not get your friends souvies from their favorites corps.  That way, it’s like two gifts in one – supporting a corps and making your friend happy.

3.  Have a friend who likes to read?  There is a lot of great stuff out there, including…my books!   I’m actually happy to announce that The Line Anthology (as well as the 4 of the Line series books, Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek and Major Pain) is now available for digital download (and very reasonably priced). Obvious self promotion is obvious.

4.  Even MOAR books!  Not for the Faint of Heart (by Spike Van Wert), Building the Green Machine (Colt Foutz), and for some humor, Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player, The Marching Band Nerds Handbook (both by DJ Corchin).

5.  Have a friend auditioning for a corps?  Instead of a lame gift certificate, why not give them money specifically dedicated to their tour or audition fund?  It’s a personal gift that will mean a lot.  (Or, hey, have some extra airline miles - think about donating them so your friend can travel).

6.  Don’t have a lot of money?  Who does?  How about getting the address of one of your virtual friends and sending them an actual card?  In the mail.  Burn them a CD.  Use stickers.  Make someone’s day for the cost of a stamp…  Useful in the kitchen?  Try baking!  You can show someone you care for them in the thought behind the gift.

7.  Anything from the Tone Deaf store.

8.  A subscription to Halftime Magazine.

9.  Check out Etsy for any number of original jewelry / artwork / one of a kind music stuff.

10.  Some gear from Lot Riot.

11.  Know a good photographer?  I know a few!  ;)  Have a great image of you, your section, or your band from this season?  Why not print and frame it?

Also, if you can tell me where to find this pencil, I would be super excited:


So, what am I missing?  What would you like to receive this holiday season?


Sometimes I treat myself to commissioned drawings of my characters. This picture goes with a Halloween themed short story of Tony and Bronwyn (characters from various books I’ve written).

Happy (almost) Halloween from Marching Arts Photos!

What are you dressing up as this year?

Or, things that I never thought would happen.  In a quick calculation, that means I’ve posted nearly 5 pictures (videos or ramblings like this one) every day since I started this blog in March 2011.  At the time, Marching Arts Photos was a means to connect my audience with my books.  The thing is, it’s evolved into so much more.

In the beginning, I used to watch for each like and reblog…hoping any of my posts would break 10 or 20.  Even though the photos I now post regularly go over 100 (and sometimes even 2,000 - I’m looking at you #hashtag), it is a good feeling to know that what I’m putting up is also stuff you enjoy.  And I still obsessively watch the numbers.

Over the past two years, I’ve watched some of you make the move from high school band to college band (and become music majors and band directors - oh my!), from high school to DCI, from DCI to WGI and it’s been awesome.

I’ve connected with truly fantastic photographers.

So, while 5,000 posts may be evidence that I am addicted to Tumblr - that’s okay, because it’s my very favorite form of social media.  The marching band ‘fandom’ is the best!


TL;DR - Here’s to 5,000 more posts!

And to my 5434 followers, now is the time to let me know - what do you want more of?  Less of?

I got bored, so I made a new book trailer.  This is for the Line Anthology (essentially, all the Line books together).  Amazon tells me this is 725 pages which is a lot of book for $3.99. 

When authors procrastinate.  Just an imagined conversation from Keeping in Line.


Working on a book trailer for this pupper.  Any suggestions for songs?  Currently using this, but open to suggestions!

Download it here.

Or think about leaving a positive review!

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Or, just reblog, because that helps too.