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An eclectic collection of photos celebrating the color, sound, and pageantry of marching band. Please feel free to ask questions or submit your own pictures! Blog run by C. Brandt, author of the Line series.

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Out of curiosity:

Your class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) // Your section // Your field show?

  1. joesmeister answered: I’ll be a sophomore this year, I’m a drum major an go to Santa Teresa HS in San Jose CA. Our field show is Called ‘Fleur De Lis” :D
  2. pleasant-little-peasant answered: Sophomore, guard, skyscrapers! :)
  3. iheartguard answered: Junior, Colorguard, INDIA :D
  4. his-faithful-daughter answered: mellophones, 3 rings
  5. deandrasrobotarm answered: Junior//Flute//”Coplandic: The Dream of Aaron Copeland” :)
  6. thediluteddreams answered: Junior/Tuba :DD/ Cavaliers 2000, Niagara Falls
  7. cassidydeborah answered: Sophomore // drumline // Well, we’re a military band. we didn’t have a name of our show.
  8. simplycinthya answered: sophmore/mellophonesss:D/The planets(mellophone solo:D)
  9. princess-mononoke answered: Sophomore // Saxophones♥ // On The Edge
  10. real-gracepina answered: sophomore//bass line//Shadows (all Radiohead music)
  11. thebrokenhouse answered: Junior/Colorguard/From the New World
  12. sparkofheart answered: sophomore // clarinet // motown!
  13. sousaphoner said: sophmore/low brass/ four horseman of the appocolypse
  14. michelleleigh-berts answered: Sophomore! Trumpet! New World Symphony(Symphony #9) :DD
  15. youtubersinbed answered: Senior//Pit(Front ensemble)// “Pathways”
  16. sousaphoner answered: show: four horseman of the appocolypse
  17. agentjellybean answered: Junior/Guard/Heartbeat
  18. nurdgurl answered: Junior//Pit (Front Ensemble)//West Side Story :(
  19. charmingsprout answered: Senior // Colorguard // “Requiem”
  20. jessicatangerine answered: junior/clarinet/Cirque du Soleil Ka/bonus: section leader!
  21. dissonanc3 answered: Sophomore//drumline (snare)//Untitled (based on the adventure books—different show each time, audience chooses which path to take)
  22. razanne answered: Junior/Drum Major(formerly flutes!)/Elvis!
  23. mona-lisha answered: Sophomore/Low Brass/ Phantom of the Opera!<3
  24. hellyeahmarchingarts answered: Junior, flute, and it’s called Minimally Speaking. : D
  25. tinyanthem said: it will be Superheroes***
  26. tinyanthem answered: Sophmore/ Clarinet/ I’ve heard it
  27. thirsty-hoe answered: Couchmen. Lazy.
  28. 54mm answered: Freshman, pit, Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” :D
  29. dickktator answered: Senior, percussion captain, Breaking Boundaries by John Meeham.
  30. monorailjake answered: Sophomore, Trumpets (Hell yeah), Symphonic echoes of Malaguena: Heritage of a bullfighter
  31. jermw0rm said: Spirit of Great Oak Represent~ Sophomore Clarinet Color Revolution [Composition of Color movements 1&2 + Electronic Evolution movments 3&4]
  32. ashyelbow answered: sophomore/clarinets!/The Games
  33. marchingartsphotos posted this